Spray Tan

100% uv-free. Custom Airbrush Spray Tans use sophisticated technology to deliver a perfect bronze each & every time. During your private session, your Certified Technician will work with you to select the perfect shade to complement & enhance your skin tone.

Certified Technician

Technicians evaluate skin tones & discuss desired results to recommend optimal color selection from a light sun-kissed glow to an intense dark bronze with full body, legs or face only application.

Fast & Reliable

Heated drying system offers comfortable, private sessions in under 15 minutes, instant bronze results, & long lasting color that continues to develop over 2-5 hours.

Innovative Solutions*

SunFX's natural & organic solution is infused with Natural Coconut, Certified Natural DHA, Organic Aloe Vera & Green Tea, & no parabens, alcohol, or artificial preservatives.

Evolv's moisturizing & nourishing solution is enriched with DHA & infused with Aloe Vera & Green Tea, & contains no parabens or wheat.

Lasting Results

Cleanse & exfoliate the day before; avoid wearing skin care or makeup products; avoid getting wet or sweating for at least 5 hours; use daily moisturizers to help each Airbrush last up to 10 days.

*Equipment & services vary by location.

100% uv free spray tan 100% paraben free

100% cruelty free 100% gluten free & vegan

Significant color develops over  2-5 hours

10-15 minute sessions | start at $45 per session

Recommended usage of 1x per week

prep & maintenance

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