At Desert Sun Tanning Salons, we offer the latest full range indoor tanning beds and equipment to help you acquire the benefits of UVA and UVB rays that are naturally produced by the sun. Our state-of-the-art sunbed equipment helps to oxidize the browning pigmentation that darkens the skin, while UVB rays trigger the melanin production process. Our highly advanced tanning equipment also allows you to adjust the exposure to your needs while relaxing in a lay-down bed or stand-up booth. Imagine turning up the sun in Washington once in a while. Sunbed options and amenities include:

  • Three Sunbed levels of varying UVA/UVB

  • Facial and shoulder tanners

  • Cooling fans and air-conditioned beds

Whether you want a relaxing 20-minute bed session or a quick-bronzing 10-minute bed session, we have an option that suits your preferences.


Silver level beds offer lower-intensity lamps with higher UVB to help stimulate melanin production in a relaxing lay-down bed for up to 20 minute sessions.

Color Enhancing

Gold level beds combine higher-intensity lamps with higher UVA concentration to darken your bronze in a relaxing lay-down bed or standup booth for 10-15 minute sessions.


Platinum level beds merge maximum intensity lamps and UVA rays to deepen and maintain color in a relaxing lay-down bed for 12-22 minute sessions.

Choose The Perfect Bed For You

Depending on your skin type and tanning goals, you will want to select a bed that meets your desired outcome. If you have fair skin, you may want to start with Platinum Level beds. These beds have low intensity UVB rays to stimulate your melanin production without overexposure. For those with copper skin tones, you may opt for the gold level sunbeds to deepen and darken your existing color.

Build and Maintain Your Tan

Our tanning salons in Seattle are equipped to serve various levels of tanning needs. If you are just getting started, we suggest you use an accelerating lotion to stimulate the melanin in your skin more quickly. To maintain a level of gold you are happy with, we recommend more frequent, but shorter sessions to keep your bronzed look in tact.

To find the nearest Seattle tanning salons for you, check out our list of locations. We offer various membership levels and package deals to suit your needs. Please also take a peek at our extensive selection of skincare products, developed to strengthen, soothe, and enhance your skin goals.

*Equipment & services vary by location.

Enhanced results can be seen with use of Indoor Tanning specific lotions

10-20 minute sessions | starts at $14-$30

Recommended usage of 3-4x per week until desired results


prep & maintenance