infrared body wraps

One relaxing 50 minute treatment aides in weight loss and helps manage pain, including arthritis with the use of Far Infrared heat. Far Infrared heat increases the body's molecular vibration by actually vibrating the cell structure to help break the connection between fat and toxin deposits. This reaction generates heat which is then absorbed through the skin. During your session you'll notice an increase in skin temperature which is caused by enlarged blood vessels, improved stimulation and blood circulation, and increased metabolism in tissues and cells (just like when you're doing an intense workout). Our Body Wrap sessions are easy, and you don't even need to disrobe, since the wraps go over your clothing. *Available at select locations

Prep & maintenance

formostar encore body wrap

  • Uses radiant infrared heat that aides in:
    • Reduction of cellulite and body contouring
    • Increase in metabolism to help burn calories
    • Muscle and joint pain relief in legs, arms, back, and neck
    • Skin rejuvenation with release of toxins through sweat
  • Two arm pads, two thigh pads, one buttocks pad, and one abdomen pad for targeted infrared heat in problem areas
  • Built-in LED countdown timer with automatic shut-of so you can relax, take a nap or watch tv, without focusing on the time

*Equipment varies by location  

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