Rewards memberships

OUR BEST VALUE - Rewards Memberships offer the greatest flexibility, no-hassle auto-bill, unlimited sessions, upgrade and skincare discounts, and much more. Select from our Sunbed or Sunless Spray tanning services, our anti-aging Red Light or slimming Infrared Body Therapy, or a combination of all of the above, all for one great low price.


Membership rewards

In addition to the instant rewards you receive the day you sign up, each month your Rewards Membership stays active brings you closer to earning quarterly rewards. Each Rewards Membership level earns a different reward, the higher the level, the higher the reward. Rewards credits are applied automatically to your account, while discounts on product or services and free upgrades are made available the month you reach each time bracket. Visit a local salon to see what your Rewards Membership status is.

*At 18 months on an active Rewards Membership you'll receive a discount on product and services up to $50. This reward will be automatically applied every 6 months thereafter. Think of it as a semi-annual bonus to try out new product or services.